Cong Zhu — CNNIC

Cong Zhu is working as a policy liaison with CNNIC, responsible for the coordination of policy discussions in Internet governance, multistakeholder- approach to policy making and other registry-related policies. Her work includes expanding CNNIC's regional and international cooperation in these policy areas.

She has been fully engaged in promoting CNNIC's effective participation in ICANN, IGF, WSIS, APRIGF, IEEE Internet Initiative and Wuzhen Summit. She is involved in the work of IANA transition as well as enhancing ICANN accountability as a participant of CWG-stewardship and as an advisory role to CNNIC's participation in the process.

As one of the facilitators of the Internet Governance Research Institute (IGR), she is responsible for its daily operation and editorial work of the journal Proceedings.

Cong Zhu has a master degree on linguistics and translation studies, and value-added working experience in international company as well as news agency.

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